Granulated Salt

Granulated Salt

Himalayan Granulated Salt

A Himalayan Salt bath is a bit different from Epsom Salt and require a few specific changes to the general regimen.

Pink Himalayan Bath Salts are not the most easy-to-find detox medium, but this multi-purpose salt is well worth the special order. Aside from a luxurious and toxin-sucking soak, these salts make an ideal table salt substitute and can even be made into a salt-saturated internal tonic.

Why Himalayan Rock Salt…?

Himalayan Rock salt holding 84 essential minerals that helps to skin baby-soft, but also efficiently detox the entire body. A strong Himalayan bath salt (500-1000 grams of salt per bath) is demanded to be the equivalent of a 3-day fats in terms of detoxification. Of course this can’t be confirmed, but we’ve done several of these baths and definitely believe it. As good as this salt makes you feel, it can be very draining compared to other detox baths. we’d like to think this is due to its mega-detox powers.