Himalayan Salt Rooms

Salt Room In Russia

Himalayan Salt Rooms

Minerals Route (Pvt) Ltd is a leading company to made Salt Rooms with European construction experts.

If you are Interested to build salt salt room so our team will made it for you. You can provide us entire dimensions of your room so we can calculate the total expense.

We also work in complete projects like in the Picture.

Benefits of the Salt Rooms

  1. A salt cave is a room where everything from the floor to the ceilings and the walls is made of salt. The air inside of the cave is saturated with salt compounds. Such a high concentration of salt gives the cave its healing qualities. Because salt helps ease tension and infections of the respiratory tract, enhances the treatment of neurosis and alleviates heart problems, immediate relief can be felt upon entering the cave. Salt caves are full of minerals, including energized water and protection from bad radiation. The salt comes from the Dead Sea, the Himalayas and a few other locations around the world.
  3. The objective of a salt caves is to reconstruct the micro-climate of the sea in a spa setting and to provide a place to sit, relax and depart from the stresses of everyday life. Salt cave users can free their mind of worries and enjoy the health benefits as well. Instead of having to travel far distances to smell the fresh air of the ocean or to reap the benefits that nature has to offer, salt caves offer convenience. For more than 30 years, Eastern Europeans have believed in salt spas as a way to relieve asthma, hypertension and ulcers.
  4. Clinical studies have confirmed the benefits of salt for certain conditions. For example, a study published in the journal Cochran e Database of Systemic Review in 2007, shows a salt-water rinse is indeed helpful in treating the symptoms of chronic rhino sinusitis when it’s used as the sole treatment. Why saline works to reduce symptoms is not all that clear, but researchers report it could be because saline softens mucus making it easier to remove. Saline may also help wash bacteria, viruses and allergic particles out of the nose.