Minerals Route trans forming raw minerals and materials into products that promote food, healing, beauty, and well-being.

Minerals Route is one of the most innovative, exciting, and sought-after manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan Salt and mineral products in the world.  An award-winning purveyor of high-quality, expertly crafted health and wellness products derived from some of the most powerful raw materials on Earth, Minerals Route is Pakistan’s premier exporter of natural stone crafts, decor items and table salt.  Serving some of the largest wholesalers and retailers throughout the world.

Minerals Route believes in delivering superb products at a fair price while delivering phenomenal customer service before, during, and after every sale.

From Humble Beginnings to Leading manufacturer and exporter

Minerals Route was founded in 2013, fueled by nothing more than a fiery tenacity to succeed and a relentless drive to become the most sought-after manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of Himalayan Salt products, as well as onyx, marble, and granite kitchen accessories and home décor.  With no outside funding, no industry connections, and no capital to speak of, Minerals Route was established firmly at ground zero, with nothing but roadblocks and pitfalls on the pathway to success.

However, through grit and determination, Minerals Route overcame very obstacle and quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of Himalayan Salt and fine mineral products – reaching milestone after milestone in record time.  Today, Minerals Route is an award-winning supplier of high-quality semi-precious stone products, and has expanded from Himalayan Salt Lamps to a wide assortment of products such as bath salts, USB salt lamps, salt candle holders, mortars and pestles, cutting boards, decorative items, souvenirs, and custom made items.

Time Honored Tradition Meets Modern Technology

From our coveted Himalayan Salt lamps and Himalayan Pink Edible Salts, to our stunning Marble Cutting Boards and Granite Mortars and Pestles, Minerals Route delivers home decor, kitchen accessories, and wellness products that add a sense of health, happiness, and beauty to your daily living.

Our team of semi-precious stone experts has decades of experience transforming raw minerals into functional, durable, and stunning pieces for the home.  Using traditional methods alongside the latest in modern mineral crafting technology and quality assurance protocols, Minerals Route delivers superior natural products for our customers.

Our products can be found in a variety of large retailers in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Chile, Uruguay, Russia, Taiwan and Panama. We consistently receive rave reviews based on our outstanding attention to detail, superior product, and phenomenal customer support.

Our Vision

To transform the company into a modern and dynamic handmade and machine-made crafts company by utilizing experience of the team of professionals to play a meaningful role on sustainable basis in the economy of Pakistan

Our Mission

To provide quality products to customers and explore new clients to promote sales of the company through good governance and encourage a sound and dynamic team, so as to achieve best practice of products of the company for sustainable growth and prosperity of the company

Quality Policy

The management and staff of Minerals Route strongly believe that there is no substitute of hard work and honesty for providing highest standard services to our valued customers.

For this we are committed to provide best possible resources for smooth and impeccable operations of our business.

Considering complacency as our biggest enemy, we use the tool of continuous improvement to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements.